ShortPoint’s Live mode allows users to create intranet sites without programmers

ShortPoint’s Live Mode allows users to edit SharePoint sites in real time, simply while they see their edits. // Courtesy of ShortPoint

ShortPoint Inc., an Ann Arbor-based intranet design software company, has launched Live Mode, a front-end development experience that enables simple integrations, adjustments, and designs that can be implemented by anyone in real time.

Live mode allows users to edit SharePoint sites in real time while they see their changes. With point-and-click functionality, users can add content, adjust colors, add integrations such as YouTube and RSS feeds, and extend the functionality of their existing intranet without requiring additional code or support.

ShortPoint’s Live mode is a major enhancement for SharePoint intranet development by allowing customers to modify, enhance functionality, and create visually pleasing intranet sites in-house, without requiring a dedicated programmer, designer, or developer. SharePoint specialist.

“Releasing Live Mode is definitely a big milestone for ShortPoint. Giving intranet designers a design tool that allows them to see what their page design and content will look like right on the page,” says Sami AlSayyed, founder and CEO of SharePoint.

“Our vision has now become reality. But this is only the beginning. We’re going to be adding more functionality to this new experience, and I’m excited to see what great intranets our customers can create with ShortPoint. »

SharePoint worked directly with their customers to develop the product, gathering frequently requested features and listening to feedback to create the best iteration of their design software.

To mark the release, ShortPoint will host a webinar and launch party on July 20 at 12 p.m. All participants will receive a free link to download ShortPoint with Live mode directly after the product launch party. Click here to register.

New customers who want to try out Live mode can download and activate a ShortPoint trial now.


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