Xpeer launches voting for the best web development and SEO agencies via Xpeer CrowdRank™


Innovative Business Marketplace, Xpeer, Announces the Launch of Voting for Best Web Development Agency and SEO Agency via Xpeer CrowdRank™

The Xpeer team, led by the duo Moritz Maier and Sergey Bezborodov, remains faithful to the goal of connecting the best companies offering professional services with their customers. The market recently launched Xpeer CrowdRank™ voting to select the best solution providers in the digital marketing industry. Companies in the web development and SEO segments will be selected and voted on by customers, employees, and peers based on the quality of their service delivery.

The professional services industry has evolved and grown over the years to become a multi-billion dollar market with the growing popularity of various online platforms further boosting the sector. Digital marketing has become the go-to solution for businesses to stay relevant in their industry and a plethora of agencies have sprung up to help organizations rank high on the internet. However, with an almost limitless choice of service providers comes the problem of choice. Identifying the right solution providers can be a daunting task, and that’s where Xpeer aims to make the process easier with CrowdRank™.

The initiative is particularly unique because it allows genuine stakeholders to choose leading service providers, ultimately delivering the best wisdom from the crowd. The voting results will undoubtedly help customers make informed decisions, tap into the wisdom of the crowd, and eliminate bias.

Voting is currently open for the best web development agency, allowing clients to rank over 3,500 web development agencies in around 85 countries in different parts of the world. Voters can also identify and nominate their favorite web development experts working at these companies to highlight the real talent behind a corporate veil.

There is also the Best SEO Agencies category, which includes more than 10,000 search optimization companies in around 114 countries. Voters are encouraged to show support for their service providers based on their experience, a decision that will guide other customers in their decision.

Voters can also nominate and vote for web development companies and SEO agencies not yet on Xpeer, adding new companies with just one click.

For more information on voting and other Xpeer initiatives, visit – https://xpeer.com and LinkedIn.

About Xpeer

Xpeer was founded by Moritz Maier and Sergey Bezborodov to revolutionize the way businesses outsource and purchase services. B2B purchasing often feels old-fashioned, non-transparent, and slow. When researching and evaluating a company, you cannot learn from the mistakes of others and end up with trial and error. By digitizing word of mouth through success stories and using crowd experience, Xpeer helps connect customers and suppliers and creates a marketplace to simplify and streamline B2B outsourcing.

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