WP Creative shakes up the web development industry with new customer-centric branding


SYDNEY, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, WP Creative, a boutique WordPress development agency, announced new branding that focuses on a customer-centric approach it says is “seriously lacking” in the industry. .

Co-founder and general manager Nirmal Gyanwali said: “After a decade of serving thousands of customers, one thing we are often complimented on is our caring approach and we wanted the rebranding to reflect that. It’s one thing to say you have great customer service , but what customers quickly realize about us is that we genuinely care about their success. That means a lot of things. First and foremost, it’s about listening carefully and building something that will work. really help them achieve their specific goals. I think that’s something that’s sorely lacking in this industry. And it’s all the little things too, like fixed prices, after-sales service, phone support from emergency by an expert, instant solutions.”

WP Creative was founded in 2015 by Nirmal Gyanwali and his wife Saba and has an impressive clientele including leading Australian brands such as Fastway Couriers, Optical Co and University of Technology Sydney.

Nirmal explains how WP Creative has firmly established itself in the highly competitive web development industry. “The industry needs an overhaul. There are far too many developers and web designers dragging it down with poor service. They may be great techies, but they don’t listen to what their customers are saying. are actually trying to tell them. They take on more work than they can handle and prioritize higher paying customers. They hide their prices or pressure customers into a long-term contract to receive better service. I think that we have grown rapidly and attracted big brands because we have an empathetic approach; putting our customers first and truly standing in their shoes. Our rebranding reflects the values ​​of caring that we have always had but which we do not ‘ve never really screamed. Your website is a big investment and it depends on it a lot, which can make design and development stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. When you’re working Do you have a team that answers the phone, offers frequent video meetings, proactively resolves issues, and does everything they can to make your project a success? optimizing or fixing a website can be fun and profitable.”

About WP Creative: WPCreative.com.au is a bespoke WordPress development and design agency based in sydney. They specialize in creating, repairing and maintaining WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Their award-winning team has served over 1,200 clients, including many top Australian brands.

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