Why more software programmers are choosing to smoke weed


There are a variety of reasons someone might want to get a little high during the workday. This is especially true for people working in technology.

Since many tech jobs allow their staff to work remotely, many of them have the opportunity to indulge their temptation without their employer’s knowledge. A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan found that more than a third of software programmers choose to use cannabis at work.

Here are some of the reasons why.

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To make chores more enjoyable

Programming can be a lonely, somewhat boring job. Whenever work gets boring, it becomes easier to disengage, which can lead to avoidable mistakes. That’s why it can be useful to have something handy that makes programming tasks more manageable, even fun. This is where marijuana comes in for many programmers.

According to study, 61% of respondents said their motivation for using cannabis at work was that it made programming tasks more enjoyable. This is not surprising considering the isolated and monotonous nature of the work.

To solve problems

When problems arise that don’t have a clear solution, finding an alternate solution can seem impossible. Some people find it easier than others to do this, which is where cannabis becomes a reliable tool for developers looking for solutions. This is why cannabis is gaining popularity among software programmers. The creative spark it provides can make a developer’s job much easier.

More than 50% of programmers who use cannabis at work do it because it helps to think of creative solutions to problems that arise. Since that’s the case, it’s fair to wonder what role cannabis has played in bringing some of your favorite websites or apps online.

To help overcome anxiety or stress

Whenever people are faced with an overwhelming amount of stress at work, it’s only natural to want a magic pill to relieve them. For many developers, this magic pill can be a bong rip or a vape hit.

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Even though wellness isn’t the primary motivation for cannabis use at work for developers, it’s still the reason why. at least a quarter of survey respondents pretend to use marijuana. There are a variety of workplace situations that can also lead to anxiety, so having a resource that can reduce anxiety and stress can be key to success.

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The UoM study regarding marijuana use by tech workers was the first of its kind. This only heightens curiosity about the cannabis use habits of employees in other industries.

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Given that the motivation for the study was that drug testing policies are an industry pillar that contributes to hiring shortages, other industries facing similar challenges may be interested in funding more of these types of jobs. studies. The impact they could have on drug testing in the future could be huge.


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