Why Businesses and Users Benefit from Well-Rounded Web Development Teams


Steve Golosin, software engineer at Actual SEO Media, Inc., believes that a strong team and effective communication are essential for high-quality web development.

The most effective teams are those whose members can collaborate well and complement each other.

Building a balanced web development team is an essential step in ensuring that a website will look good and perform well. However, every project is different and it is important to recruit team members with the relevant skills and experience. Steve Golosin of Actual SEO Media, Inc., a software engineer with extensive experience building WordPress plugins using PHP and Javascript, explains how businesses can ensure their web development teams are well-rounded and equipped for everything. project.

  • The complementarity of skills is the basis of an effective team

A web development team should always be made up of members who each bring something different to the table. Building a web app isn’t just about code, for example, and making sure an app looks presentable to users also requires hiring people with experience in both UX and layout design. page. “No member is more important than another,” says Steve. “The ability to strategize and work together is what makes a development team the most effective.” Depending on the requirements of a project, members of a web development team should each specialize in a specific area to complement the skills of other members.

However, the types of specialists required in a web development team depend on the project they are tackling. A business’s customers may request websites that focus more on aesthetic appeal, while others may emphasize a greater need for functionality. Every project is different and knowing what a client is looking for in a web application is key to building an effective development team.

  • Factors to consider when building a team

Before assembling the team that will take on a particular project, it is important to know exactly what that project entails. When it comes to building web applications, for example, what kinds of functions should the application be able to perform? Remembering the “big picture” and considering the goals of a project will help clarify what types of specialists should be recruited for a development team.

Web applications consist of a front-end and a back-end, which should not be overlooked. While an app’s back-end contains the inner workings of how the app works, the front-end is just as important and can make or break a user’s experience. Recruiting members with design and UX experience is an essential step in ensuring that web applications are usable and presentable.

  • Common Types of Web Development Specialists

Web development teams are made up of members who each perform a specific function within the group. Below are some types of specialists that are commonly found on web development teams.

Web developers handle both back-end and front-end development, they also create databases and develop CMS.

The solution architect develops a prototype for the project and analyzes the technology that will be required. They also support the contracting authority throughout the duration of the project.

The UI/UX designer builds the wireframe that helps visualize the structure of an app, and they also create prototypes and templates for the page structure.

The project manager creates a development plan and controls the development process. They also maintain contact and coordinate details with customers.

The QA engineer tests applications to ensure that they are error-free and functional for users. These specialists write automation tests, report issues to the project manager, and verify application interface compliance.

Web development involves many different processes, and using the right skills is essential to creating a working product. With the right specialists on board and a clear vision of the end goal, web development teams can operate more cohesively and build complete web applications.

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