What is Django for web development? | by Diego Perez | Jul 2022


If you’ve thought about creating your own web application, but you still don’t know what technology you can base your project on, or if you don’t know what is the best option to build your processes in a robust and scalable way, let Me showing you what Django is and what it is capable of doing for you, I strongly believe this is the tool you need for your project.

Django is one of the most important technologies for building web applications through the Python programming language. Its main function is building the backend, as we saw in What is the backend? it is the tool we need to build the logical and functional part of a website.

It is essentially a framework, i.e. a set of libraries, code and development rules programmed by third parties. It’s also completely free, since you don’t need to pay to program your projects, and open source, since Django’s codebase is in the public domain.

Django has 3 main features:

  • Quick: It’s not the fastest, but it achieves an efficient loading speed.
  • Secured: It has protection against multiple attacks.
  • Scalable: It allows you to easily develop your applications

This framework is used by big companies all over the world, it is one of the top 3 tools to build backend with Python. In fact, the backend processes for managing Instagram, Shopify, and Pinterest websites are based on this technology.

One of its great advantages over other frameworks is that each project you create automatically includes a data management system, a very powerful pre-programmed administrator, with which you can perform the most common tasks of your database.

I hope you consider including Django in your toolset as a web programmer, I have no doubt that it will be useful and powerful in any project you decide to undertake with this framework.


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