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Web Project Manager/Web Development Manager Job Description

Goway is looking for a results-oriented Web Project Manager/Web Development Manager to oversee the development of web projects from the inception phase through to their live online deployment. You will collaborate with stakeholders on the scope of web projects, as well as collaborate with web vendors on the new version of its main website – goway.com, as well as managing the technical infrastructure of other Goway websites . You will collaborate with our IT team on the conceptualization of the new website, guide the team through the product development stages and oversee the live deployment of the website.

To be successful as a web project manager/web development manager, you must have extensive experience in web design and the ability to lead web development initiatives. A top-class web project manager/web development manager will be someone whose web design expertise translates into an innovative online presence.

Responsibilities of the Web Project Manager/Web Development Manager:

  • Consult with internal stakeholders to determine the desired look and functionality of the website.
  • Conceptualization of the website design process.
  • Design and develop front-end and back-end web architecture.
  • Develop user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces and perform SEO procedures.
  • Troubleshoot and test prototypes, as well as monitor live product deployment.
  • Perform Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and code checks to optimize website performance.
  • Describe the project objectives, schedule, budget and execution plan
  • Deliver project(s) on time and within budget.
  • Follow UAT standards
  • Create content migration plans
  • Develop and support the project(s) from conception to implementation.
  • Document website development processes and procedures.
  • Prepare project progress updates for senior management and perform website demos.
  • Keep abreast of web design developments and trends.
  • Development of servers and databases.
  • Work with graphic designers and web developers.
  • Creating user interactions on web pages.
  • API development.

Web Project Manager/Web Development Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science with courses in graphic design, web development or similar.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience managing end-to-end website designs
  • At least 5 full website projects, either greenfield or migrations.
  • In-depth knowledge of advances and trends in web design.
  • Advanced command of programming languages, such as Java, HTML or PHP.
  • Exceptional ability to bring creativity and innovation to web projects.
  • Strong analytical and leadership skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with and between technical and non-technical colleagues, including people at multiple levels of the organization
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Application Question(s):

  • How many end-to-end website projects have you completed?
  • What content management systems have you worked with?


Please send your CV and cover letter to Anjelina Dsilva ([email protected]) or Melanie Leelook ([email protected]).


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