Web development training focused on reaching rural Kentucky


BOWLING GREEN Ky. — Kentucky is well known for growing tobacco and producing thoroughbred champions; however, the Commonwealth develops a new kind of talent with its Commonwealth Coders Web Development Training, an intensive 16-week training course that prepares participants for a career as a junior web developer where knowledge of programming languages ​​is used to code websites and web applications. .

A collaboration between South Central, Cumberlands, Bluegrass, Northern Kentucky, and TENCO Workforce Councils, this program offers great and unique career opportunities, especially for Kentuckians in rural areas of the USA. State who wish to work remotely. The growing demand for web developers has led to the continued growth of the course.

The training will be entirely virtual for the students; however, it will be “live” as the teaching and discussion will take place in real time, as it would for an in-person class. While no prior computer/coding experience is required, strong algebra skills as well as a strong determination to succeed are both highly recommended for participants. Student selection is competitive; however, all prospective students are strongly encouraged to complete a no-obligation initial survey of interest.

The 16-week Commonwealth Coder Training Course will be offered at little or no cost to those who are eligible, including many who have lost their jobs due to recent natural disasters. Once a student completes the course, they will be ready to enter the workforce as a Junior Web Developer, a career that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will grow 13% by 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all. occupations.

Laura Torres, project manager for Commonwealth Coders, said this type of program is unique in that it helps promote tech jobs in rural areas of the state. Torres explains, “We want to strengthen our communities and let people know that we are developing talent in Kentucky. Kentuckians can truly excel in the world of technology and we need to build that culture from within.


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