Using Node.js for Backend Web Development in 2022


The popularity of Node.js is growing exponentially today. Node.js is currently used by well-known companies like netflix, Uber, PayPal, Twitter, and more. And among programmers, Node.js has been ranked as the 6th most popular technology according to StackOverflow 2021 Developer Survey. Even though Node.js is an applicable solution for many different types of use cases, MobiDev experts explain why to use Node.js or not in 2022.

Why use Node.js

  • The flexible and efficient nature of Node.js lends itself to building small, fast, and scalable applications. Additionally, Node.js’ fast synchronization capabilities also make it useful for event-based applications.
  • Node.js is very good for building serverless and microservices-based applications because of its flexibility.
  • Node.js can be used as an option for processing and managing multimedia data, as it handles asynchronous input and output much better than other technologies
  • Node.js is very good at handling concurrent connections. Because IoT is built on many devices that send small messages that need to be processed quickly, Node.js makes a good backend for this type of applications.
  • New products can be created quickly and brought to market without delay thanks to the ease of use that Node.js offers by being built on popular web languages.
  • The Node.js runtime is essentially built on top of a C++ server that runs on the host node, allowing integration with existing C++ libraries.

Why not use Node.js

  • The financial sphere is the only sphere where Node.js is definitely discouraged due to the specifics of working with floating point – it can lead to an accumulation of errors in variables that deal with finance, which is unacceptable.
  • Node.js is not the best solution when it comes to working with heavily loaded threads that involve the CPU.

The number of use cases for Node.js is already large and continues to grow. With the proper research and the right use cases, Node.js can be a great choice for building many different types of products now and in the future.

More detailed information about Node.js can be found here on the MobiDev site.

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