Ukrainian job market for freelance programmers is launched in Romania

0, a Ukrainian job market for freelance programmers that currently collaborates with more than 540 freelancers from more than 26 countries, has been launched in Romania. The startup said it plans to recruit more than 100 local market IT specialists to work remotely on startup projects in Silicon Valley, in addition to the 60+ Romanians the company has already co-opted over the past few months. .

According to its press release, has entered Romania and Poland to expand its talent pool and reach the goal of $20 million in revenue this year. In 2021, the company founded by Aleksandr Volodarsky, Vasyl Dzesa and Anvar Azizov achieved a turnover of almost 7 million dollars.

The Ukrainian startup aims to become the main source of income for 1,000 developers by the end of the year. Currently, it collaborates with more than 540 freelancers from more than 26 countries.

“We turned to IT specialists from Eastern Europe because they are recognized worldwide for their expertise and dedication. Because this region already offers the highest quality services to many companies from the United States and Western Europe, it has often been called an offshore software development paradise,” said Aleksandr Volodarsky, CEO and Co-Founder by

“Ukraine, Romania and Poland are in the top 10 Eastern European countries in terms of best IT services. In addition, their specialists can communicate in English at an advanced level. So, for us, it was natural to turn our attention to Romanian IT professionals,” he added.

According to him, the startup is already collaborating entirely remotely with 61 local IT specialists from Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj and is looking for 100 more. The company recruits full-time and part-time freelancers (minimum of 20 hours of work per week). A programmer using Lemon can earn $25 to $60 per hour or even more, and payment is made twice a month.

The most in-demand IT skills at are: React, Node, Python, Vue.js, Ruby, Typescript, React Native, Angular, Flutter, Data Science, and DevOps.

Since February, has donated nearly all of its profits to the Ukrainian military to help their country win the war.

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