These are the best keyboards for programmers you can buy


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By spending so many hours in front of a computer and writing endless lines of code, programmers are one of those professions that have a deep love and hate relationship with their keyboard,

Keyboards for programmers don’t exist on their own, but it is true that programmers look for certain features in their keyboards, with satisfying every keystroke being one of the most common mechanical keyboards.

we chose Some of the best keyboards for programmers you can buy right nowConsidering prices, key types and formats.

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It’s pretty common to find the typical cliche of a geeky programmer with a mechanical keyboard on the internet, even with people who assemble their own keyboards piece by piece. While it’s not something unique to programmers, it’s true that the feel of a key with a switch of a specific color is very satisfying.

But not everyone likes “clicky” keystrokes, they prefer softer keystrokes or shorter keystrokes. This is where membrane keyboards for programmers come in.

These keyboards we have chosen are designed to last as long as possible, taking into account the damage they cause when writing code and the number of hours of non-stop use. We also kept the budget in mind so everyone has the option to choose.

  1. Advanced Logitech MX Keys
  2. Razer Cyanosa Lite
  3. apple magic keyboard
  4. Corsair K63
  5. chrome kernel tkl

Perfect for Pros: Logitech MX Keys Advanced

Advanced Logitech MX Keys

This Logitech keyboard is probably the most preferred by all types of professionals who use their computers for many hours, both those who spend many hours writing documents and those who use them to write code.

The Logitech MX Keys Advanced is a membrane keyboard with a short keystroke, but it’s extremely satisfying when it comes to pressing its keys. It is also backlit and has multimedia keys and a numeric keypad.

It’s completely wireless with several weeks of battery life if you use the lighting system, it’s charged via USB-C and the model is compatible with both Windows and macOS, with its screen-printed keys The screens are the same.

You can buy it on Amazon for 99 euros. At PcComponentes you will find it for 102 euros.

Diaphragm D: Razor Sinosa Light

Razer Cyanosa Lite

Razer is a great brand of peripherals for gamers, and due to their longevity, their keyboards are great for gaming and programming. It’s one of Razer’s most curious keyboards Razer Cyanosa Lite,

It is one of the few models in which the razor is of the membrane type and not mechanical. But while the design looks mechanical, it’s easy enough to handle, if you prefer that kind of keypress.

It features RGB backlighting, is fully programmable and spill resistant.

Best of all, it’s pretty cheap. It only costs 30 euros at PcComponentes.

For development at Apple: Apple Magic Keyboard

apple magic keyboard

It’s not cheap, it’s not even the best quality, but for some reason programmers who use Apple products use official keyboards a lot apple magic keyboard,

This compact keyboard without numeric keypad is one of the most popular among programmers using Macs. Maybe because it comes with iMacs or because the keyboard feel is virtually identical to their laptops, but it’s one of the most widely used.

This Apple Magic Keyboard model is the traditional one and costs 98 euros on Amazon.

new model Touch ID with fingerprint reader It is compatible with computers equipped with M1 and higher processors and costs 156 €. A new model with Touch ID and a full numeric keypad is also available for $144.

Con Cherry Switches MX Red: Corsair K63

Corsair K63

Corsair K63 This is a 60% gaming focused keyboard, but that’s also true for programmers.

famous in red cherry mx switches, one of the most popular switches in the world of mechanical keyboards. It has multimedia keys, it is backlit with red LED, 100% in Spanish and with USB connection.

You will have it on Amazon for 69 euros.

Mechanical and cheap: Chrome Kernel TKL

chrome kernel tkl

If you are looking for a cheap keyboard for programming that is mechanical, chrome kernel tkl It is a good option for its quality-price ratio.

it’s a mechanical keyboard RGB and backlit with 60% size (without numeric keypad). Originally designed as a gaming keyboard, it is fully compatible with programming and red switches.

You will get it for 39.99 euros on sale on Amazon. At PcComponentes it is also available for 44 euros.

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