The Redwood web framework reaches the milestone of version 1.0


Redwood, a full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript web framework for deployment on Jamstack, has reached production version 1.0 status.

The source code for Redwood 1.0, unveiled on April 4, is available at GitHub. Also known as RedwoodJS, the framework leverages the capabilities of several technologies, including React, GraphQL, TypeScript, Jest testing framework, and Storybook UI component builder.

A Redwood application is a React front end communicating with a custom GraphQL API, the API using the Prisma object-relational mapper. By making many decisions for the user, Redwood’s opinionated framework promises to free developers to focus on specializing their applications.

Redwood was co-founded by GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner. Jamstack-style development is offered for serverless and traditional frameworks. The features built into Redwood are intended to enable faster iterative workflows where developers catch bugs earlier and more often, deploy faster, and scale development when ready.

Redwood 1.0 features include:

  • Wise defaults for formatting, file organization, Webpack and Babel.
  • Routing with dynamic parameters, custom types, and named routing functions.
  • Automatic page-based code splitting.
  • Cells that provide a declarative way to retrieve data from the main API.
  • Page builders, layouts, cells, SDLs and services.
  • Forms with client-side or server-side validation and error handling.
  • Hot reloading.
  • Database (GraphQL back end) and data migrations.

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