The ministry organizes the first competition for “future programmers”


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education held the first edition of the Future Programmers Competition at Hassan Bin Thabit Secondary School for Boys and Al-Iman Secondary School for Girls, targeting tech secondary students in Qatar.
The competition, overseen by the Information Technology Department of the Ministry’s School Guidance Department, involved 45 students from 15 teams and 30 students from 10 teams.
The competition aims to discover a new generation of creative programming students in schools who apply the technological path at an advanced level in Python programming.
The competition encourages the development of students’ programming abilities and seeks to turn their ideas into successful and integrated careers, creating sportsmanship among competitors and applying the sense of team spirit within a collective team. working on a single goal by developing the ability to find solutions to the problems of the world of technology.
The competition included the opening ceremony in each school, preparing the students and giving them general information before moving on to the computer labs, where each team was assigned two devices, one for the implementation of the programs and the other for preparation and research, after which the competition began. lasting 90 minutes, a meeting took place between the computer orientation and the teachers of the technological sector of the participating schools.
The competition, the results of which are expected to be announced next week, is part of the preparation for the qualification of three teams to represent Qatar in the eleventh competition for future Arab programmers, organized by the Jordan University of Applied Sciences from 23 to September 24. , the first three places will be determined for the categories of boys’ and girls’ schools, after judging the works by a neutral jury composed of coordinators and teachers from schools not participating in the competition and under the direct supervision of the Department of Technologies some information.
The Deputy Director of the Educational Guidance Department, Dr. Abdullah al-Marri, explained that this competition embodies the ministry’s vision to keep abreast of all that is new, especially in information technology and software, as the ministry strives to strengthen the technological stream in secondary schools and in the field of programming in general, as it provides real opportunities for students to join future jobs in various sectors, and also meets the requirements companies of skilled programmers and technicians able to keep up with the latest global developments and excellence in programming required languages, to contribute to economic development, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and accelerate the process of digital transformation.
The head of IT education guidance at the ministry, Gassan Sabsaby, said support for technology programs in IT and computer subjects comes in the form of extracurricular activities and provides an interactive environment for students with their peers from schools. , enabling them to exchange experiences and familiarize themselves. with modern educational means to deepen their knowledge in an atmosphere of scientific and practical competition. (QNA)


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