The 8 Best Productivity Tools for Programmers


When working remotely, productivity is a challenge. Freelancers like coders need tools that help them stay focused.

When writing code, loss of focus can lead to bugs or even a habit of missing deadlines. If you lose focus, you lose money. Here are some tools that could help coders stay productive:

1. MusicToProgram

musicForProgramming tool

musicForProgramming is a platform designed for programmers. The user interface of the website resembles that of a coding screen, but anyone can use it. The user interface helps programmers to stay attentive while switching tabs. The site is quite easy to use:

  1. Go to musicForProgramming.
  2. Click on a playlist among the 62 playlists offered.
  3. hurry Player top right and the music starts.

You can also download a playlist by clicking on the file under the Player button.

2. F.lux

Screenshot F.lux

Flux is again a free platform that can relieve you from eye strain. F.lux changes the light color of your computer screen by adjusting it to the time of day.

The light from your computer screen, by default, shines like afternoon sunlight. Good for working in the afternoon. But it can be unhealthy for mornings and evenings.

The pineal gland manages the sleep-wake cycle. The amount and saturation of light affect its function. For example, your body’s rhythm is disturbed when you stare at your phone all night. The pineal gland interprets this as sunlight and readjusts.


F.lux helps you with this, making you healthy. The app is free and you can To download on Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS.

3. The Money Seeker

The Money Seeker

silver digger makes it easy to find codes. It’s like ‘ack’, but 34 times faster. It makes it easy to find specific bug-causing commands and code. You can also use it to make a quick fix. Some features of The Silver Searcher are:

  1. It supports smart case finding.
  2. It runs on a recursive search by default.
  3. It supports Regexps by default.
  4. You can filter the search by the file name of the file extension.
  5. It ignores VCS files by default and searches faster.
  6. Silver Searcher is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

4. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a JAVA IDE. It gives you plenty of features to incorporate into your coding routine. The Smart Completion feature allows you to choose the most relevant symbols.

It can also suggest the most used classes and packages. The Chain Completion function lists symbols accessible through methods and getters. It can also detect duplicates and perform quick fixes or inspections.

Other features include data stream analysis, static member completions, language injection, and cross-language refactorings. IntelliJ IDEA is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can download it here.

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5. Rainy Mood

rainy mood

rainy mood is one of the simplest tools mentioned in this list. By playing a rain sound in the background, you can reduce stress levels and calm your senses.

It loops you by creating a “mood”. You can access it on your PC/Laptop by going to the official website and pressing the Player button. It is also available on Android and iOS.

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6. MantisBT

Mantis insect tracker

the MantisBT bug tracker is mainly used to highlight defects in your code. It can also be used as an email client and project management platform.

MantisBT can save code changes in case your team wants to review it. It can also help you get an email notification about a problem. You can even do a graphical analysis of recurring issues.

MantisBT is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, IE10+. It also supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

7. Focusmate


focusmate is an online platform that helps you be productive. It can increase your sitting time or work hours by pairing you with a partner. Once you sign up for Focusmate, it pairs you with a friend who reminds you of your homework every time you take a long break or waste time.

Focusmate aims to get you out of procrastination and increase working hours. Behavioral science research suggests that we work best with the people around us. Focusmate is fruitful for home business owners. Freelancers, influencers, or anyone working from home can use it.

A camera is required to use Focusmate. It can work on Android and iOS. For desktop computers, the Focusmate team recommends Chrome.

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8. Code Anywhere


codeanywhere lets you collaborate with other coders in real time. You can invite coders by sending them a URL and start working from anywhere on your browser.

With CodeAnywhere, you can even see changes other coders have made to the code. The program also follows the cursor movement of other encoders.

Codeanywhere also lets you work on your servers and open the SSH terminal using a browser. It offers pre-built development environments (containers) fully stacked with the languages ​​of your choice and out-of-the-box features.

The need to be busy

It’s hard to maintain the right balance of input and output with the distractions around us. Your productivity should be your priority here.

You can choose a platform from this list according to your needs. Another hack is to use pair programming, where a colleague reviews your code. It helps eliminate prejudice and fight boredom.

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