The 7 Best Websites to Learn Web Development Online


Web development has become one of the most critical skills in today’s economy. That’s because, behind every mouse click, there’s a computer program that makes things happen. However, learning to code is neither easy nor effortless.

In fact, it requires mastering complex tools, frameworks, and languages ​​where every aspect of building apps and websites requires a specific set of skills. Whether you’re new to web development or looking to advance your career, having the right resources to learn web development can help.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the best resources to get you up to speed on front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development.

Microsoft Learn is known for its interactive and fully customizable learning paths to web development. You can find certifications, advance your career, and access over 80 hours of content at no cost. If you’re just starting out, Microsoft Learn works best with its beginner courses, modules, and certifications.

With over 800 resources on web development, it covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Azure, Dynamics, and Flow. Plus, Microsoft Learn lets you track your progress so you’re excited and motivated to keep learning.


However, what makes Microsoft Learn special are its knowledge checks. Instead of penalizing you for wrong answers, it explains why other answers are better, helping you focus on what you’ve actually learned.

Known for on-demand technology learning, Pluralsight is the best online resource for developers and IT professionals. From cybersecurity to software development to data processing, Pluralsight covers almost everything you need to develop your skills.

While it offers expert-written courses, skill assessments, certification prep courses, and labs, Pluralsight also shows you top trends so you know what to learn next.

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Plus, if you’re just getting started and looking for more guidance, its Tech Index ranks over 850 technologies and can help you gauge which technologies are worth learning at the moment.

You can determine your level of expertise with a 20-question test. Once done, choose the course that best suits you from its list of 6,000 courses exclusively focused on web development.

With a seven-day free trial, Treehouse offers the best online coding courses for home learning. In addition to video lessons and modules for beginners and other skill levels, Treehouse offers quizzes and code challenges, making learning interactive and hands-on.

When you need to learn and master a new skill set, you can sign up for a track and have your learning path mapped out in this mini-course. In addition to learning the languages, frameworks, and principles needed for web development, you can stay up to date with your skills at any time with Treehouse’s diverse library.

The toolbox of its technological explorer brings you free resources. Additionally, Treehouse’s 100 Days of Code Challenge lets you master your web development game at a steady pace. If all that wasn’t enough, Treehouse also has a vibrant and dynamic network of industry professionals.

W3 Schools Home Page

From tutorials to references to courses on web development, the W3 Schools curriculum helps you build a solid foundation. While most of its resources on HTML, JavaScript, programming, XML, CSS, server-side, and charset are free, there are paid resources for learning and training.

You can view all available courses in the W3 schools course catalog and if you want to practice coding, you can use the available IDE. All its courses are at your own pace and are accompanied by a certification.

The platform offers a wide range of languages ​​to choose from, and its practice section helps you better learn, train, and test specific web development applications.

Odin Project Screenshot

With its complete program completely free, The Odin Project is considered one of the most resourceful web development websites online. Supported by a passionate open-source community, The Odin Project offers three learning paths and a number of projects that are particularly useful for beginners.

The best thing about the site is how its program is always updated, and you can see real-time statistics on its homepage.

You can learn at your own pace while being part of its vibrant community on Discord. Founded in 2013, it has 469,894 learners and 1,500 contributors. Once you have mastered your skills and progressed, you can also be one of the site contributors.

Codecademy believes in learning by doing. If you don’t know where to start, take his quiz to find out where you are in your web development journey. Here you can learn to code for free with millions of other people in a meaningful community of IT professionals.

In addition to having standalone courses with certifications, Codecademy has career paths to give you a structured and comprehensive learning experience. You can consult its complete catalog before choosing a course.

The site offers web development videos, articles, and blogs to help you stay up to date with the latest web development trends while learning to code.

code wars homepage

With 29 languages ​​to choose from, Codewars encourages you to hone your skills, master and accelerate your career in the programming languages ​​that are gaining the most popularity today.

It adds fun to web development by having a martial arts themed website. Its training drills are called katas, and once you sign up for a kata, you can use test cases to check your progress.

There are multiple options for retraining with creative and optimized approaches. As you complete higher ranked katas, you will face relevant challenges so you can master specific skill sets. Codewars also has an exceptional community where you can discuss best practices, innovative techniques, and more.

Moreover, you can create your own katas and challenge your community with great training exercises at Codewars.

Test, train and track

With most of these learning platforms having mandatory coding challenges and a collaborative community, you have the perfect opportunity to test your web development skills and track your progress simultaneously. Besides being online and self-paced, none of these courses require prior experience.

In fact, they’re beginner-friendly and help you move to more advanced semantics, syntax, and frameworks at your own pace. Opting for a reputable and interactive course can help you learn the necessary web development skills easily.

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