Take-Two sues programmers who reverse-engineered ‘GTA 3’ and ‘Vice City’


Take-Two Interactive has filed a lawsuit against a group of programmers who claim to have reverse-engineered the source code of Auto grand theft 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

As reported in VGCthe lawsuit is for 14 programmers from around the world who worked together on the “re3” project, which features “the fully reversed source code” for GTA 3 and GTA: VCincluding unofficial ports to portable platforms like the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PlayStation Vita.

The ports also provide a number of enhancements to both PS2-era games, including bug fixes, a rotating camera, XInput controller support on PC, widescreen support, and lack of loading screens between islands.

The ‘re3’ project consists only of the code, so rather than hosting a game that anyone can download, players must already own the games on PC in order to build their own port with the reverse-engineered code.

In their lawsuit, Take-Two claims that the programmers “are well aware that they do not own the right to copy, adapt, or distribute derivative works GTA source code, or the audio-visual elements of the games, and that this constitutes an infringement of copyright”.

The lawsuit also notes that when Take-Two attempted to remove the “re3” project from Github, three of the programmers “knowingly filed bad-faith counter-notifications that materially misrepresented the legality of their content, apparently claiming that because they would have ‘reverse engineered’ the source code of the games, they cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement in any way.

Last month, Take-Two also released copyright releases for several mods for GTA 3, city ​​of viceand San Andreas from the popular Liberty.net mod hosting site.

This added to speculation that remasters or remakes of these games are in the works after the publisher confirmed it was working on three remakes or remasters.


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