Student University Programmers Host a “SUPer Bowl” Party


Student University Programmers (SUP) hosted a free Super Bowl LVI screening with free food, raffles and touchdowns at the Chamberlain Student Center on February 13.

Upon entering the student center, students were greeted by the sight of a massive video screen completed by broadcasters Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. The smell of Super Bowl party food – staples such as wings and an assortment of dips – filled the pit and greeted Rowan’s students as they made their way to the lounge chairs and seats for anyone to get their MVP treatment.

Although the students’ stomachs were satisfied, nothing could prepare them for the back-and-forth that was to take place between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Before kick-off, Dwayne Johnson announced the teams as he stood on the pitch, creating an eerie dynamic as both teams sat idle behind him, waiting for the prelude to be over.

The students in attendance were at a loss as to what to make of it, some laughing through the absurdity of the moment, others watching silently, hoping Johnson would utter his famous line, “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?” Unfortunately, the line was left unsaid, but Johnson surely got the fans excited in the stadium.

The game itself got off to a slow start, with both teams trading three outs. That was until wide Odell Beckham Jr. scored the first touchdown of the game on the Rams’ second drive.

The pit bias seemed to lean toward underdog Cincinnati winning its first Super Bowl. Either way, everyone was happy to see Beckham Jr. score a touchdown.

“Cleveland ruined this man,” said a rare Rams fan while front row, referring to Beckham’s grueling time as a member of the Browns. On the field, Beckham couldn’t establish chemistry with quarterback Baker Mayfield. Off the court, after his ACL tear in 2020, rumors of his unhappiness in Cleveland led him to sign with the Rams in late 2021.

Nonetheless, Odell Backham Jr. got his first career Super Bowl touchdown shortly before suffering a non-contact leg injury later in the game.

A few readers later, Bengals fans would get their dose of exceptionalism from the wide receiver. Quarterback Joe Burrow connected with rookie phenom Ja’Marr Chase on a crazy one-handed catch while falling for 46 yards. Rowan’s students, regardless of fandom, roared with excitement over this game, as it was the game’s first explosive play for the Cincinnati offense.

From then on, the game became all about big plays, as both defenses kept respective rushing attacks to a minimum.

With each major win, the students reacted with various emotions. Rams fans cheered modestly when their team performed well, Bengals fans went nuts, eventually speaking of the polarity between the two fanbases.

The legendary halftime show provided the music for the event, while team-themed cupcakes satisfied all the sweet tooths in attendance.

Following the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl victory, the SUP gave away nine individual raffle prizes.

Some of the prizes included a cowboy hat, laser-etched coaster, and eagle-, ram-, and bengal-themed gear.

The SUPer Bowl Party was a fun occasion for students who share the fun of football. at Rowan’s Student university programmers hosts year-round events for students and the community.

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