The Shellshock team withdraws its name and falls back on Storia

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Storia, a brand amplification agency, part of the Integrum Worldwide collective of marketing agencies, announced today that it has acquired a portion of Shellshock’s assets in a all-cash asset purchase transaction. Specifically, Storia has acquired key Shellshock team members, customers and intellectual property that will be used to further Storia’s future growth.

This is the second transaction since the group announced its acquisition of Hell’s Creative in December 2021. Integrum Worldwide has an accelerated and forward-thinking acquisition plan which it intends to execute over the next eighteen months.

Storia and its parent company Integrum Worldwide are backed by a syndicate of private investors including Daniel Kordache M2B growth companies and Yohan Naraine of Apollo Management Group, two private equity groups specializing in private and public transactions. With this transaction and others expected to close before the end of 2022, Integrum Worldwide is working to quickly position itself as one of the world’s leading marketing agency collectives.

Integrum Worldwide owns and operates top marketing agencies including Storia, a brand amplification agency providing branding and digital marketing services, and Chalk, a full service experiential marketing agency. Agency clients within the collective include Jennifer Adams, Steven Soderbergh’s Singani 63, PBS, Edrington Americas, We Are Memphis, Cyrcurion, Xcellerate 35, ChemTech and Beauty Magnet. The collective has teams in United States, Canada, South Americaand India.

“We are on an aggressive growth trajectory and are fueling that growth by building and acquiring great teams,” said Chris Becker, managing director of Storia. “Shellshock’s team is top-notch and by adding them to our ecosystem, we will help Shellshock and its customers grow beyond the trajectory they were on, which will help support the rapid growth of our business. .”

As part of the transaction, Storia will retire the Shellshock name and brand, but will retain team members, customers and assets as part of the transaction.

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Integrum Worldwide is a collective of specialist agencies including Storia and Chalk. Together, they believe in the power of combining the radical creativity of freelancers with the seamless integration of a one-stop-shop.

The collective is a host of agencies in the field of marketing services, including branding, creative, paid media, search engine optimization, and experiential marketing. Through this model, Integrum Worldwide provides scalable, measurable and integrated marketing solutions that deliver results. Additionally, Integrum Worldwide is focused on developing a best-in-class corporate culture and prioritizing sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and all of its employees.

The collective of marketing agencies Integrum Worldwide focuses on mid and upper market clients with a roster that includes Jennifer Adams, by Steven Soderbergh Singani 63, PBS, Edrington Americas, We Are Memphis, Cyrcurion, Xcellerate 35, Chemtech and Beauty Magnet. The collective has teams in United States, Canada, South Americaand India.


Shellshock partners with companies to develop and execute strategies that will grow their business exponentially.

Shellshock accomplishes this through an understanding of its customers’ operations, margins, needs and objectives. Shellshock acts as a virtual CMO and marketing/production team to deliver scalability in competitive and challenging markets.

Shellshock is comprised of KPI-driven, data-driven marketers who value positive ROI and scalability, backed by world-class design and development. Unlike agencies that simply manage ad spend, Shellshock develops and fights for strategies that they believe will provide meaningful returns for their clients’ business. Shellshock takes a grassroots approach to understanding their client’s infrastructure, KPIs, margins, and metrics, then uses that information to develop an action plan tailored to that client’s business.



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