Programmers reveal… what’s not on their agenda?


Last week, in five Programmer’s Wrap interviews, TV executives talked about all their 2022 content.

But I also asked them to identify a problem area.

“What’s not in your schedule that you would really like to have?”

Here are their answers….

Brook Hall, Seven: Light Entertainment.

“Light Entertainment sat there at 8:30. But does the industry have the ability to let something grow and absorb the pain? I watch the success of did you pay attention, and the ABC have a few now on Wednesday nights. I think it would be great to have (something like that), because they can be there all year round. You have to give credit to the networks that did this because you usually have to endure a year of pain…. I don’t think the free-to-air media world allows that with the instant gratification business we live in now.”

Hamish Turner, Nine: Light entertainment.

“Performance. We’d love to get back in…let’s call it ‘shining floor’. It has to feel different and surprise us. I don’t think it can be just another talent show, per se.

Dan Monaghan, 10: more drama

“With multiple platforms at our disposal now, we have a lot of genres covered for all audiences. However, across all platforms this year and next, we have more drama in development and on order than we’ve had in a very long time – and we want more. No, they’re not all for Paramount+, which has a plethora of them, but also 10, where we’re actively looking for more notable scripted projects. 10 and Paramount+ are unique and distinct on their own, so we’re excited to continue to delve into the world of scripting for both platforms in the future.

Michael Carrington, ABC: Shows for 30-50 year olds

“I think we have a real priority to target young audiences. I’m not talking about 20s, I’m talking about 30s to 50s. I think there is a real void in this space. While we have programs that they obviously appeal to and engage with, there is nothing in the programming schedule that specifically targets that. So that’s an area of ​​focus over the next 12 months.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel: Summer Hits.

“I think we’re looking for next summer’s hit on Binge. Love me was a great success this summer. Obviously, we’re very optimistic about a second season, but how are we going to build Binge’s summer story next year? We hope there will be a second season of And just like that, which made extraordinary numbers…. Truly unbelievable. For Foxtel, it’s one of the highest-rated scripted shows of all time, and the combination of Love me, and just like that and Harry Potter gave Binge its most successful quarter ever…..but it could be scripted or unscripted.

SBS did not participate in this year’s Programmer’s Wrap.


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