‘Programmers, architects’ – Nigerians qualify as UK launches scaling visa for skilled workers


The United Kingdom (UK), says foreign nationals can now apply for its scaling visa from August 22.

According to a statement on Monday, the government said the new type of visa will give the UK’s leading high-growth businesses greater flexibility and power to attract talent from around the world.

What is a scale-up visa?

It is a pathway for overseas talent who has been sponsored by a large-scale business in the UK and has the skills to enable the growth of large-scale businesses.

Qualified professions for the scale-up visa include scientists, engineers, programmers, software developers, research and development professionals, economists, architects, technicians, financial and investment advisers.

Unlike other sponsored visas, the scaling visa allows companies to employ highly qualified individuals who will be granted two years’ leave to stay in the UK without the need for sponsorship or a additional authorization beyond the first six months.

“This will further enhance the government’s overall offer to businesses through the points-based immigration system to hire eligible employees from anywhere in the world. The Scale-up visa will give them greater flexibility to hire the often in-demand talent they need to scale up, while strengthening the UK’s pool of highly skilled people,” the statement read.

“Companies, including small businesses and those in the technology and financial services sectors, that have experienced 20% or more year-over-year growth in employment or revenue during at least 3 years and employed at least 10 people at the start of the 3 years will be eligible to sponsor talented individuals through the Scale-up visa.

Kevin Fosterthe UK minister for safe and legal migration, said that with the scale-up visa, businesses will have the right level of support “to take it to the next level”.

“Through our Scale-up visa, we allow companies to focus on their growth and innovation by giving them more freedom to bring in the diverse skills and experiences they need, making them more attractive on the international stage. said Foster.

“By supporting our high-growth technologies, financial services and small businesses, we are ensuring the UK remains a global hub for emerging technologies and innovation while improving productivity across the whole of the world. economy – creating jobs, growth and prosperity across Britain.”


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