Personalized online courses as a weapon against the shortage of programmers


There is a shortage of programmers, data analysts and other technical professionals. The number of vacancies for technical professions has increased significantly in 2021, as shown by the latest Techniekpact monitor. A Dutch educational platform offers a retraining method that allows professionals to embark on a new career in ICT.

Over the next few years, Winc Academy, as the training platform is called, promises to bring 20,000 new programmers into the job market. Because the courses offered by Winc are completely online, can be taken at your own pace and include personalized support, they are easy to combine with work and private life. It is, according to Winc, the weapon to fight staff shortages in the technology industry.

This method, he says, is unique in that the course modules are a combination of e-learning and personalized teaching, although the latter also takes place online. “The advantage of online learning is its ease and flexibility, but the disadvantage is that students often lack personal contact. The dropout rate is therefore high,” says Joran van Aart (38), Winc CEO.

Personal component

The platform, founded in 2018, has therefore added a personal component to its study method in addition to e-learning. At Winc, students have personal contact with tutors who are developers themselves. Each assignment submitted by a student is checked and commented on by a teacher via an online connection. Until a section is successfully completed, a student cannot continue his studies.

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Other students keep in touch with each other via an online “community” if they wish and can also support each other this way. However, each student studies at their own pace, depending on when they started and whether they decide to work hard or relax.

Not Satisfied, Money Back Guarantee

Winc is so convinced of the success of the program that it offers a job guarantee to those who complete one of the courses. Those who do not find employment after actively applying are reimbursed for their tuition fees. The demand for programmers and other “techies” is obviously extremely high.

Winc offers educational packages mainly aimed at beginners. The average student at Winc is 35 years old and has had a career other than technical. Some examples of industries where students come from are hospitality, culture, and retail. No specific prior training is required for the courses.

Whether programming is for them is something anyone interested can test for themselves by taking a online personality test. “Students can be successful within three months of full-time study. Programming is like learning a new language, anyone can do it,” says Van Aart. “All it takes is motivation. »

Joran van Aart © Winc Academy

For now, Winc offers courses to become front end developer, a back end developer and one bag full (a combination of front-end and back-end). A fourth course is for those who want to become data analysts. The courses cost between 2500 and 3000 €, the full-sack developer course costs around 4500 €. That’s considerably less than other providers, says Van Aart, who himself graduated in industrial design from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) . The CEO clarifies that Winc only develops training for permanent technology positions that will still exist in 10 years.

Sustainable jobs

Winc Academy announced on Wednesday (January 12, 2022) that it had received a $3 million injection from Rubio Impact Ventures and the Dutch Founders Fund, among others. The online education platform is growing rapidly and can use this growth capital to meet the high demand for tech refresher and retraining courses. The Amsterdam-based scale-up also increased the number of active students eightfold last year, partly due to the trend towards digitalization and working from home due to Covid-19.

Besides the Dutch language, the platform is also available for English speakers around the world. This means that all study materials and personal contacts between teachers and (other) students are in English. Winc wants to use the new investment funding, among other things, to offer the teaching method in other languages ​​as well.

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