New Netlify Graph Drastically Simplifies API-First Web Development


First modern web development platform to integrate GraphQL into a universal connected graph, helping developers connect APIs in fewer steps

Netlify, the workflow for the modern web, announced Netlify Graph, a new approach to building with APIs that creates a faster, unified experience for millions of developers. Built on the popular open-source GraphQL standard, Netlify Graph enables developers to integrate APIs and services like GitHub, npm, Salesforce, and Stripe into web applications with a single click.

Today’s modern, interactive web experiences rely on a wide range of data sources across dozens of APIs. The rise of the API economy presents a huge opportunity to develop more dynamic and personalized software, but working with internal and external APIs requires developers to learn, authenticate, document, and connect everyone in their stack. Netlify Graph gives developers a unified way to authenticate and build using APIs. Developers can access APIs directly through Netlify, without a separate GraphQL server, increasing productivity and speeding up delivery times.

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“The Great Decoupling of the Web has created a diverse and complex collection of developer tools, including many third-party APIs and services. To build a better Web, we need to make it easier for developers to integrate and use these services. “Netlify Graph is a major step forward, leveraging the massive popularity of GraphQL to unite the ecosystem of web tools and technologies,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify.

The launch of Netlify Graph follows the company’s recent acquisition of OneGraph, a leading innovator in GraphQL. Netlify Graph unleashes the power of GraphQL and helps teams leverage a catalog of APIs and services that any developer in the enterprise can find and access. It also eliminates the messy back-end integration work needed to set up and manage a GraphQL server.

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