National Merit Finalists, Talented Programmers


Mountain Brook High School recently added more students to its long list of National Merit finalists.

MBHS students also excel in computer science and mathematics.

And some local churches will be presenting a fun event to kick off summer at Crestline Elementary School this month.

In the spotlight

According to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation website, the National Merit Scholarship Program is a prestigious academic competition designed to “shining the spotlight on bright students.”

Since 1968, 751 students from Mountain Brook High School have stepped into the spotlight as National Merit Finalists.

This includes nine current MBHS students who became finalists in March: Julianne Abenoja, Caroline Allen, Jelks Cabaniss, Ivy Cobbs, Cory Fan, Amy Beth Hudson, Kate Ryan, Luke Turner and Amelia Tynes.

“There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into achieving this honor,” said MBHS Principal Philip Holley. “I think it also shows their dedication to academic excellence.”

talented programmers

Seven students from Mountain Brook High School received awards for their work in computer science in March.

Six of the students were honored by the National Center for Women in Information Technology, which celebrates diversity by honoring young women in computing with the Computing Aspirations Award.

The MBHS winners are Caley Record (winner); Mary Midkiff (Honourable Mention); Laura Simpson (Honourable Mention); Ella Emblom (Honourable Mention); Sophia Li (rising star); and Evelyn Berry (Certificate of Distinction).

Recipients are selected based on their technological aptitude, leadership ability, educational background and plans for post-secondary education.

MBHS Senior Mason Keller received honorable mention in the Computer Science and Math Division at the Central Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair at UAB on March 5.

He presented research on combining data from an automobile’s Event Data Recorder (EDR) with dash cam images to increase safety standards.

The seven students “are all talented programmers and algorithmic thinkers,” said MBHS computer science professor Fred Major. “They spent a lot of time outside of class working on projects for these awards.”

Math teams compete

Students at Mountain Brook High School competed remotely in the state math team competition Feb. 25-27.

The Algebra 2 team placed second, with William Stringfellow placing 14th individually, Sophia Self placing 19th, and Jackson Short placing 23rd. Patton Hahn also participated.

The full team placed fourth, just 10 points from third place. Cory Fan placed fifth individually, Vaughn Frost placed ninth, Ivy Cobbs placed 21st, Jelks Cabaniss and Tommy Daley tied for 35th, and Simon Wang placed 42nd. The other students competing were Hunter Anderson, Virginia Averyt, Moira Dowling, Eleanor Elkus, Jack Johnson, Sophia Li, Lilly Odom and Libby Turner.

Josh Watkins, vice principal of the school.

– Submitted by Mountain Brook Schools and Family Fest organizers and edited by Village Living staff.


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