Most New Age Companies Use React for Web Development

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have long been central to web development and user interfaces. HTML is what’s called a markup language and helps lay out the skeleton of the webpage – like, here’s the header, here’s the text, here’s a sidebar. CSS is what is known as a style sheet language and helps add style – like fonts, colors, spacing – to web elements. And JavaScript is a programming language that enables interactions between web pages and the user, such as the search bar or when you fill out a form and submit it.
As web applications have become more complex and dynamic, new tools and libraries (collections of resources such as configuration data, pre-written code, message templates) have emerged to speed development and management. website. One of these libraries is React. It was developed by Facebook engineer Jordan Walke, as part of an effort to make it easier to manage the growing number of elements on the Facebook page. In 2013, Facebook launched React. Since then it has become the most popular JavaScript library. And React developers are in high demand.
“Many companies have started adopting React, like Flipkart, Myntra, RazorPay. Companies are contacting us all the time, saying we need these many React developers, how can we hire. React developers are also very well paid said Kiran Abburi, founder of Neostack and organizer of React Bangalore, an active community of 13,000 people, making it probably the largest React community in the world. Kiran and Rahul Sawant, frontend development managers at Antstack, were our guests on the Times Techies webinar last week, where we talked about why React has become so popular (for more details, see the video on our Facebook page).
Asked about the skills a beginner needs to have to become a React developer, Rahul replied that if you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it would be very easy to learn React. “But if you want to get into a business, they’re going to want to see what you’ve built on top of it. So, build small apps using React while you’re in college. You can do it easily,” he said.
Kiran said they should do small open source projects. “I know people who have been hired through such projects. Everyone can see what kind of code you write. And sometimes those projects become important later,” he said. Kiran had started out on React by casually building what is called a carousel library. He called it React Slick. It now has 40 million downloads, and every month it sees half a million to a million more downloads. “I learned a lot by developing this asset. I also contribute to other people’s libraries,” he said.

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