MoEHE Announces Results of Future Programmers Competition for High School Tech Students


Doha: The School Guidance Section of the School Guidance Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has announced the results of the “Future Programmers” competition in its first edition.

A total of 75 students from secondary schools who are pursuing the technology stream within their school system took part in the competition.

Abdullah Ali Al Kuwari, Mubarak Khalid Al-Thani, Jassim Muhammad Iqbal and their coach Mahmoud Muhammad Ibrahim from Khalifa Secondary Boys won first place in the boys’ school category, while Mohammad Bin Abdulwahhab Independent Secondary School for Boys and Al Wakra Independent Secondary School School for Boys, represented by Omar Salem Al Marri, Hussein Muhammad Al Naama, Issa Hussein Al Kathiri and their coach Malik Al Tayeb emerged in third place.

In the category of girls’ schools, Al Bayan Girls’ Independent Secondary School, represented by Amna Muhammad Al Badr, Saeeda Bilal Al Jassem and Ruqia Ahmed Al Adsani and their coach, Soraya Al Mashlawi, won first place, while Al Iman for Girls Independent Secondary School, represented by Fatima Adel Al-Hayiki, Nahr Hussam Al-Din, Raudah Jassim Al-Bader and their coach, Khawla Youssef, won third place.

Moza Al Madhahka, Director of the Ministry’s Academic Guidance Department, said the real victory is to participate in this crucial competition in which female students participated responsibly with their aptitude and hard work.
“The efforts of students and the dedicated efforts of their teacher to train them reflect the extent of cooperation between them, which highlights the importance of sponsoring those additional activities that reinforce the curriculum, which is in the core interest of the department to further develop the values ​​of innovative thinking and problem solving,” Al Madhahka said.

The competition is part of ongoing preparations to represent the State of Qatar in the 11th Arab Future Programmers competition, which will be held from September 23-24, 2022 in Jordan.

Qatar will be represented by students from Khalifa Secondary Boys & Girls, Al Bayan Secondary School for Girls and Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School for Boys.


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