League of Amazing Programmers Hosts 2022 Summer Brunch and Celebration


The League of Amazing Programmers hosted a Summer 2022 Brunch and Celebration on July 3 to celebrate student graduations and honor the achievements of select League students and staff. The event took place in the courtyard of the League’s main location on High Bluff Drive in Carmel Valley.

The League of Amazing Programmers, a nonprofit institution, was founded in 2006 with a grant from Vic and Diane Wintriss with the idea that middle and high school students could learn professional-level Java computer programming. Reaching underserved communities has also been a priority with a target of 50% scholarship students attending for free. Sarah Cooper, the League’s executive director, has helped grow the nonprofit to more than 400 students who attend weekly after-school classes. The ten-level UCSD Extension certified instruction course takes five years for young people starting in fifth grade. Students pass the AP Computer Science exam at level six of the program.

The League is the only school in the country that offers graduates the Oracle Professional Programming Certification. With Oracle certification, most companies will hire League graduates as programmers without a full science degree. So far, 44 of the League’s graduates have passed the Oracle exam. The League’s unique curriculum emphasizes gaming as a way to learn Java, the most popular computer programming language – the CS AP exam is given in Java.

Thirty-eight students graduated this year during the July 3 celebration. The celebration also included a birthday cake for founder Vic Wintriss, who just turned 91. Wintriss also announced her retirement from the League’s Board of Directors and congratulated everyone for their outstanding service to the community. Visit www.jointheleague.org for more information.

Photos by Jon Clark


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