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SAN FRANCISCO, October 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Netlify, the most popular way to build, deploy and scale modern web applications, has released the results of the annual Jamstack Community Survey, showing that Jamstack is quickly becoming the mainstream architecture for web developers of all experience levels. With changing working patterns and the rise of remote working, the web developer community is turning to Jamstack to build faster and more secure websites.

Netlify’s comprehensive Jamstack community report shows that modern architecture is becoming home not only for experienced web developers (half of respondents represented more than five years of experience), but also for those with less experience. experience and who have just broken into the industry. The percentage of community developers who are students has nearly doubled over the past year, from 9% to 16%, indicating that Jamstack is becoming the go-to architecture for new developers, even though the number of experienced developers in the community continued. to grow.

Changing work habits

Examining how the pandemic has affected working life, perhaps unsurprisingly, the report highlighted a shift to remote working that was high among Jamstack developers, with nearly a third (31%) of people claiming their working lives are now entirely remote due to the global crisis. pandemic and plan to stay away even after it ends.

The location of developers has become more diverse, with new developers being much more geographically diverse. While a majority of developers are still based in Europe Where North America, the percentage coming from outside these two regions tripled, from 15% to 48% among new developers. This new population of developers brings global diversity.

Build for scale

Jamstack continues to meet the needs of developers building at scale, with nearly a third (32%) of Jamstack developers saying the sites they build are aimed at an audience of millions of users. These larger sites are also more likely to target mobile devices, which shows Jamstack’s strength in the mobile space.

Serverless functions are common

When asked how often different techniques were used to create backends for Jamstack sites, 46% said they used some form of serverless functions. When it comes to usage and awareness, respondents revealed that functions are becoming almost as ubiquitous as containers.

Jamstack is all about compiling the UI, decoupling the frontend from the backend, and extracting the data as needed. Today, Jamstack developers enable more dynamic use cases with the architecture, with 65% saying they build fully dynamic sites.

Other key findings include:

  • Safety is a priority — Jamstack developers are taking security more seriously than a year ago, with an overwhelming majority prioritizing security over development speed. In line with this trend, authentication, which reduces security issues, is the most popular third-party service. Performance and availability also remain a top priority for developers.
  • Figma is the designer’s tool of choice – When it comes to design tools, 60% of respondents use Figma and love it over any other design tool.
  • WordPress Leads CMS Usage, But Not Satisfaction – WordPress is the undisputed leader among content management systems, but it’s not popular as a standalone solution, getting much higher ratings from users when used as a headless CMS. 2021 has been a banner year for Sanity and Strapi, with Sanity users reporting the highest levels of satisfaction.
  • TypeScript continues to gain traction over JavaScript as the primary programming language — For 55% of Jamstack developers, JavaScript remains their main language. TypeScript is gaining traction, with 15% of developers calling it their primary language this year.
  • React is the most popular among frameworks — React continues to dominate web frameworks, both in usage and satisfaction, but Vue has also shown high growth and satisfaction. Next.js also has stellar satisfaction.

Netlify sits at the center of the Jamstack community, advancing the original design of the methodology and working to help modernize the way developers build and deploy web applications. This year, Netlify received over 7,000 responses to the Jamstack Community Survey, which more than doubled from the previous year and confirms the exponential growth of the Jamstack community.

Check out the full Jamstack 2021 Community Survey results at jamstack.org/survey/2021/. The results will be presented live at Jamstack Conf on October 6 and everyone can register for free on jamstackconf.com. For more information about Netlify, visit www.netlify.com.


The survey was conducted by Netlify and the Jamstack community between June 23 and August 10, 2021, collecting results from more than 7,000 respondents around the world.

Supporting quotes

Matt Biilmann, Co-Founder and CEO, Netlify

“Jamstack is everywhere. It’s a thriving community of developers at all stages of their careers across different geographies and industries. As Jamstack becomes more mainstream, Netlify is excited to support the effort of creating high-scalability web experiences. performances that set the tone for developers and an ever-evolving ecosystem.”

Pierre Burgy, co-founder and CEO, Strapi

“These survey results confirm the dramatic growth in usage and user satisfaction that we have seen in the Strapi community. With the release of Strapi v4 and the Official Marketplace fast approaching, this momentum should accelerate and further establish our leadership in the Jamstack ecosystem.”

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