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Cloud Connect Media is designed to provide content providers with a private, dedicated and secure space. Gateway between AWS and the Intelsat Global Media Delivery Network.

Intelsat integrated satellite and terrestrial network and in-flight connectivity (IFC) provider announced its latest service offering: Cloud Connect Media, a connectivity solution that provides programmers with secure access between the IntelsatOne Media network and Amazon Web Services (AWS) .

Cloud Connect Media is designed to provide content providers with a private, dedicated, secure gateway between AWS and Intelsat’s global media delivery network. Intelsat is an AWS Select Partner of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

This collaboration can offer Intelsat’s media customers a more efficient way to connect to their streaming, video editing, and additional resources they use in the cloud while accessing IntelsatOne’s media network for centralized distribution and managed services including uplink and/or downlink to key satellites and teleports, colocation, and more.

C-LIFE, the nonprofit public affairs network providing Americans with unfiltered access to federal government proceedings, will be the first Intelsat customer to use Cloud Connect Media to add resiliency and reliability to its workflows linear. C-SPAN and Intelsat are longtime partners driving innovation in the media industry, and that trend continues with Cloud Connect Media.

“Intelsat’s deployment of Cloud Connect Media helps complete C-SPAN’s transition to a full cloud setup by providing a fast and reliable path from our uplink location directly to Amazon Web Services, with the latest connectivity available” , mentioned Roxane Kerr, Vice President of Technology for C-SPAN.

“The ability to securely send and receive media content from the cloud, while maintaining broadcast-quality delivery reliability, has become a priority for many of our media customers,” mentioned Bill O’Hara, Vice President and General Manager of Media Business at Intelsat. “Cloud Connect Media uses AWS to help our customers access their cloud services while being able to use the industry-leading Intelsat network and our full suite of managed media services for regional and global video distribution.

In addition to advancing multimedia services, Intelsat customers using enterprise and commercial aviation connectivity services who also need secure connectivity dedicated to their cloud-based services will be able to take advantage of AWS Direct. Connect.

AWS Direct Connect can support Intelsat’s mission with a low-latency, secure, and private connection to the AWS global network,” mentioned Clint Crosier, Director, Aerospace and Satellite at AWS. “The speed and agility of AWS is well suited to help Intelsat meet customer expectations for fast and reliable global connectivity and communication.”

Cloud Connect Media extends the capabilities of Intelsat’s Cloud Connect, launched in 2020 with secure cloud connectivity available to FlexEnterprise global network customers. As organizations continue to integrate cloud-based services into their operations, the Cloud Connect portfolio will bring together the capabilities of cloud partners and Intelsat’s global networks to enable new services and extend the benefits and reach of the cloud to locations around the world.

Cloud Connect Media is currently available in the US and Europe.


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