How Ukrainian programmers continue to work bombarded. Brainstack_ shares his experience


Brainstack_ started its journey in 2013 by opening its head office in Kyiv. Since then, the team has grown considerably and is now working hard on a range of products dedicated to parental control. Products developed by Brainstack_ are installed on more than one million devices worldwide.

For the time being, Brainstack_ is considered a top SaaS B2C company in Ukraine. Since 2020, the Ukrainian IT company has released five successful products that have already started to show successful results. By unleashing unconventional and even daring ideas, the company’s value currently exceeds the $100 million threshold.

February 24and changed our lives irrevocably – the war began. Shelling and explosions hit residents’ homes. A peaceful morning quickly turned into a nightmare for the Ukrainian people.

A few months earlier, local and international media warned of Russia accumulating forces near the Ukrainian border. People’s reaction to the news was very different. Some thought it was done to intimidate people and that no war would happen. While others were convinced that conflict was inevitable. But we all had one thing in common: an over-prepared man is definitely better than an under-prepared man.

From that crucial date, the Ukrainian people began to prepare as much as they could for the disastrous invasion. First, they were doing their routine like working and meeting friends. But at the same time, people were preparing for big changes. There are bomb shelters all over the country so people can go there to wait out the bombing. Ukrainians began stockpiling water and food, preparing shelters and considering evacuation options.

As for Brainstack_, the company had initiated the evacuation of its team members before war knocked on our doorstep. The company has already taken care of the accommodation and transport of its employees. We have done our best to provide a safe place for our workers and their family members, including pets.

Moving to western Ukraine and settling down

News of the Russian invasion of Ukraine spread instantly. People started to panic, so wise decisions should have been made. And Brainstack_ was ready to act accordingly. It took a few hours to set up the place where the evacuation buses should have picked up the employees and their loved ones.

As a result, nearly half of Brainstack_ employees have managed to leave their homes and relocate to the shelter. We did some research to find out how many people from our company joined the evacuation and how many stayed home, and here are the results:

  • 40% relocated to the West;
  • 10% continued to live in the city of Kyiv;
  • 50% returned to their hometown or moved to relatives in other cities/countries.

The company concluded that the evacuation initiative was a good idea that helped many people find a safe place to preserve their mental and physical health.

In addition, one of our colleagues has become a member of the armed forces and is bravely keeping Ukraine on the front line. Also, four workers joined the TDF (Territorial Defense Forces) to guard their families and homes.

Brainstack_ managed to provide two evacuation places in the West. The first was located in Ivano-Frankivsk. This is a brand new office that the company organized earlier to hire more employees and expand its capabilities. The place was a few months old and so far it has provided accommodation for our employees. Company management organized laundry, food and water supply, and more. The company has participated in volunteer programs to support local and national organizations.

Another group of people was evacuated to Truskavets. It is a modest but picturesque city located in the west of Ukraine. We have successfully organized temporary accommodation there for our employees and their families. All the necessary facilities have been managed so that our employees can feel comfortable and safe.

We would like to highlight how generous and hospitable the local people have been to us. The team therefore wondered how we could thank them for their kindness. And we decided to share our experience with the locals. Brainstack_ supported Truskavets official website update. Also, we started to manage the official Telegram channel called “Трускавець офіційно”.

Another important result that we would like to mention is the successful management of humanitarian aid transferred from Europe to different corners of Ukraine. Our friends around the world teamed up to make sure the packages would reach Ukrainians in need. The first delivery, worth around 20,000 euros, managed to reach the destination points. It included sleeping bags, medicine and food.

Currently, our main office located in the city of Kyiv is out of work, but most employees continue to work remotely. This helps sustain our products and keep our business afloat. Our workers have the opportunity to work flexible hours to arrange a comfortable schedule.

Additionally, the HR team monitors every employee to ensure everyone is safe. In case of urgent help, our team is ready to react quickly and give a helping hand to those in need. Accommodation, food and medicine supplies, financial assistance – all of this can be covered. Fortunately, Brainstack_ is able to provide its employees with their full salary. This also goes for the workers who keep our country on the front line.

How Ukrainian programmers continue to work bombarded.  Brainstack_ shares his experience

How Ukrainian programmers continue to work bombarded and help their army

As our soldiers protect Ukraine on the battlefield, computer scientists have discovered their own way of fighting for our independence. As a result, the digital front has emerged as we all know how media can affect the way of thinking and making decisions. Providing people with up-to-date information from trusted sources is crucial. Thus, the Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, drew attention to people from Ukraine and other countries to join the IT army. So we could fight Russian propaganda and show the world all the violence and crime that took place in Ukraine. As a result, hundreds of thousands of volunteers (about 300,000) joined the IT Army to show our true power. Thousands of hackers, developers, software engineers and even non-IT people have joined together to help us win.

Not only keeping Ukraine’s online infrastructure, but crippling crucial digital assets stored on Russian services. That’s what cyber soldiers are working on. Targets include Russia’s biggest banks, industrial companies and the media. Russian propaganda has been poisoning minds for years, so it’s important to shed some light on the news. Cyber ​​warriors are using all their resources to show the Russians all the lies they were unknowingly consuming.

Braintack_ also brings its value on this front. We decided to share our experience to find use in the IT army as well. We have a great infrastructure and solid experience in creating complex and valuable services. Thus, a distributed system maintained by centralized control was developed by the infrastructure team. The system can perform and dynamically modify DDoS attacks. In addition, our workers are involved in blocking various messages containing dangerous propaganda and reporting social media accounts that spread misinformation that may harm the Ukrainian people.

What does the future of Brainstack_ look like?

We find it difficult to discuss future plans at a time when every day is unpredictable. Each episode literally brings its changes to our history and our destiny. We are happy to have the moment “now” to be close to our loved ones. There is one thing Brainstack_ is sure of – we keep working no matter what. We are proud to be a successful IT company based in Ukraine. And the company continues to hire and train new professionals.

We are happy to give people the opportunity to show their skills while supporting Ukraine financially. We should be proud of our Ukrainian programmers who continue to work during the bombings and draw attention to other countries for help. Also, information technology is a powerful industry today that gives people a chance to keep their jobs. This is vital these days to support families who currently have no money to earn due to the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure. Brainstack_ is so lucky that our company cannot be ruined by bombs and tanks.


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