How much money do computer programmers make?


The management consulting firm McKinsey reports that 43% of companies are experiencing skills shortages. Additionally, the shortage of tech talent could lead to annual revenue losses of up to $162 billion by 2030, holding back innovation and progress. Technology-focused companies pay higher salaries than those in other industries, but actual numbers vary depending on the candidate’s work experience, skills, and location.

Computer programmers earn about $93,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Those who work for software development companies earn over $102,000 a year – and some receive over $155,000. These professionals often wear several hats and work full time, depending on their role. For example, you may need to design software, test mobile apps, or implement security patches, especially if you work for a startup or small business with limited resources. Big companies like Microsoft and Google usually have well-defined roles, and everyone knows who is responsible for what.

Some programmers work independently, which allows them to set their own rates. Basically, their earning potential is unlimited. If you’re just starting out, sign up on platforms like Upwork, In effect, TotalWhere Of to contact potential customers. During this time, contact local businesses that may need your services. You can also contribute to open source projects, such as Django, OpenCV, Moneroand Jenkinsto build your portfolio and gain experience.


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