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I’ve been trying to apply for jobs for years now I think from 2016 and focused on learning the most demanding tech for companies like reactjs and nodejs but I was wrong all companies I am applying for are not big, they are small or start up and they redirect me to solve difficult algorithm problems like leetcode and hacker rank.

I found that these questions are the same in the interview of Google, Amazon, Facebook and other giants!!

I found some courses to learn algorithms like de leetcode but it seems very long. Why did they make technical maintenance so difficult?

Before maybe 2009 it was easy to get a job and they asked you for programming language knowledge only now it’s algorithms even very small companies and I’m not that genius or I have a strong memory to remember hundreds of problems and solve them in small timed trials.

I’m also getting older (46) and don’t have the same abilities to remember and work long hours that I was in my 30s or 20s (in fact I started when I was 15) . advice what to do?

Because most “tests” are less about the ability to code a language, because with the speed at which languages ​​change, what’s used today may not be what’s used tomorrow. Instead, they focused more on how you think.

And it’s often not even about doing something right or wrong, it’s about how you approach problems, how you solve them. Do you take a methodical approach or do you have a unique point of view and take a new and innovative approach? If you’re one of these two types and get it wrong, it’s often better than guessing at random or brute-forcing and getting the answer right.

HR gives me the steps and the first step is to solve algrithmis in a limited time, then they have a live meeting to interview the candidate about the languages, framework and tools they use in a verbal way


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