Funcom is hiring artists, designers and programmers for new online survival game Dune


Funcom has shared an update on its upcoming game, which will be an open-world survival title based on the Dunes franchise. the Conan: Exiles The developer is now hiring people to work on the upcoming project.

The Norwegian company made an announcement on its official websitesaying it invites developers to “come and shape a world made boundless by its deep lore and enduring themes”.

“Frank Herbert’s timeless sci-fi masterpiece and Oscar-winning 2021 film adaptation has inspired entire generations with the Dunes universe, and we are no exception,” the statement from Funcom read. The company, which acquired the rights to the franchise in 2019, described the game as the open-world multiplayer survival title.

Funcom is now hiring a Global Director, Technical Director, Senior Producer, Marketing Director, as well as artists, designers, programmers, and marketers. The developer will offer in-office, hybrid and remote work options.

Considering that Funcom does more than shape the development team, the Dunes game is still in its infancy. This is in line with several other “hiring announcements” made by game companies over the past few months, including Crystal Dynamics (new grave robber game) and Blizzard (untitled survival title).


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