ESPN sees future sports programmers in TikTok creators and more


Ashley Otah, Ayzenberg’s resident trend watcher, outlines some of the trends on our timelines that are making the biggest waves this week.

Snapchat x Amazon

Snapchat and Amazon have teamed up to introduce a new type of lens that combines fun and functionality. The app’s “Amazon Fashion” profile will allow Snapchat users to digitally try on thousands of different types of eyewear. The process is made easy with Amazon’s trial viewing options. There has been no slowdown in the rise in consumption habits, and augmented reality lets try anything from anywhere. The partnership also shows how virtual reality and AR will continue to be implemented in daily life.


Footballer Alphonso Davies, who plays for the Canadian national team and Germany’s Bayern Munich, is a rising star on and off the pitch. Davies is set to perform on the big screen at this year’s World Cup and while a bright future awaits her, there’s more to her story than meets the eye, and she deserves it too. to be in the spotlight.

In a new Nike docu-series titled “Houseaudience can follow the stories of displaced people and how they challenge and pursue their dreams. As Davies says in Episode 2, “Anyone can become a refugee, it’s not something you choose.”


It’s no secret that ESPN tries to reach younger crowds. Their latest idea? Target online debaters and Bronny enthusiasts using young content creators. The newly launched ESPN Creators Network aims to provide young and aspiring content creators with access and resources to develop their ideas for sports programming. And although the creators are not compensated, the program will provide them with travel, tickets, access, equipment and a series of courses. This move shows that TikTok remains the leader in fan recruitment and retention.


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