Enhanced Exeest Platform Helps Content Sellers, Distributors, and Programmers More Easily Identify Diverse and Inclusive Entertainment


Exeest Marketplace Platform Now Integrates Nielsen’s Gracenote Inclusion Analytics Data to Improve Inclusive TV Content to Benefit Both the Entertainment Industry and Audiences

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May 18, 2022

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2022 (Newswire.com) –
Exeest, a leading global marketplace for premium entertainment content, and Gracenote, the leading provider of entertainment metadata, content identifiers and related offerings, introduce a significant enhancement to the Exeest platform enabling Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) data on TV titles to be has surfaced, making it easier for the industry to discover and access inclusive content. The Exeest platform now uses the best Gracenote inclusion analysis data, providing unprecedented visibility into the gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation of the actors appearing in the content and the audience viewing it.

This collaboration between Exeest and Gracenote benefits entities working in various areas of the entertainment industry. For instance:

  • Content buyers can browse, search, or filter content by parameters such as Female, Black, Hispanic, AAPI, and LGBTQ+ to accelerate their content acquisition for titles that specifically match key audience demographics.
  • Programmers can search for content to fit thematic or timely program blocks.
  • Distributors can easily locate and review inclusive programming for specific audiences or territories and have that content recorded, measured and promoted for acquisition.
  • Marketers can easily see which programs are inclusive for their promotional campaigns.

“Our goal in creating a content discovery process is to celebrate and elevate diversity instead of ignoring it. We want to showcase TV titles that reflect the industry’s unique talent and voices, and Nielsen’s Gracenote is the perfect partner for this kind of data,” said Exeest co-founder and CFO Aqeel Danish. “We are excited to expand this project globally with additional partners and integrate the film and the crew in the mix.”

“Diverse, equitable and inclusive entertainment programming has positive benefits for all parties, from content creators, owners and distributors to viewers,” said Simon Adams, Chief Product Officer, Gracenote. “By partnering with Exeest to make more representative content easily identifiable within their platform, we are moving together towards a future with more resonant entertainment and happier consumers – a real win/win for the industry.”

Sellers who partner with Exeest can have their title metadata automatically include DE&I data, if currently available through Gracenote. Alternatively, these vendors can create their own datasets within the Exeest Platform Portal to enhance its growing DE&I database. Additionally, Exeest offers its website filtering and cataloging technologies (including DE&I filtering and search capabilities) free of charge to studios to integrate into their own websites and platforms.

Future enhancements to the Exeest platform will allow entertainment managers to maximize the ability to search for inclusive titles and distribution diversity by surface Gracenote metadata descriptors. This will help the media industry better identify content themes, highlight content categories in promotional areas based on inclusion and diversity attributes, and see gender preference pronouns in details. of distribution. As the platform evolves, the overall visibility of inclusive titles and distribution will increase, accelerating content acquisition for these titles.

Exeest is the world’s leading market for premium television, film and digital content. As the streaming wars go global and demand for content increases internationally, Exeest is modernizing the way content is curated, shared, discovered and sold for buyers and sellers around the world. Learn more about Exeest.com.

Gracenote is the backbone of Nielsen’s content solutions, providing entertainment metadata, content identifiers and related offerings to the world’s leading creators, distributors and platforms. Gracenote technology enables advanced browsing and content discovery capabilities, ensuring consumers can easily connect to the TV shows, movies, music and sports they love while providing powerful content analytics, simplifying complex business decisions. To learn more, visit www.gracenote.com/.

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