Durham College offers new programs in Web Development, Internet Systems


Durham College will offer two new technology-related programs in September.

In one of them, the students will be able to prepare a two-year diploma in web development. The college promises design and coding classes as students learn how to build their own apps and websites.

“Unlike other programs of this type, students will approach interactive elements through a creative lens, developing graphic and technical skills to become highly competent designers capable of delivering dynamic and multimedia content,” reads a college statement. “With the knowledge, skills and experience to design and develop web content for all digital platforms, graduates will be familiar with the latest trends and techniques as they enter the job market.”

In the other program, they will be able to obtain a one-year graduate certificate specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Internet of Things” is a special name for the millions of devices around the world that can be connected to the Internet. This can range from computers and smart phones to more specific devices, like smart thermostats and automated light bulbs. This also includes personal assistants like Siri and Alexa.

The college promises courses in software design and cybersecurity, among other subjects, so students can be prepared as more and more elements of homes and corporations go online.

“Employment opportunities for graduates of this program are increasing and the IoT sector currently employs skilled programmers, developers and technicians working in a range of professions and industries, such as healthcare , community infrastructure, traffic routing, private and public transport, industry robotics, mining and gaming,” reads a statement from the college.

The Web Development program offers students the opportunity to complete either a capstone project or a field internship.

The IoT program offers a Capstone project.

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