Deep Learning Course for Programmers at Upcoming NVIDIA GTC


Craig Clawson, director of the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

NVIDIA GTC, the global conference and think tank for AI innovators, technologists and creators, will offer a range of NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute workshops and training courses when it launches November 8-11.

NVIDIA GTC, a must-attend global experience featuring over 500 free talks and attracting over 200,000 AI professionals, innovators, researchers and thought leaders, also includes a number of free two-hour workshops and breakout sessions full day fee.

Full-day workshops, priced at just $149, are presented by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) and participants will receive an assessment-based DLI certificate to demonstrate competence in the field and support professional career growth.

Craig Clawson, director of the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, says NVIDIA DLI training is a well-established feature of the GTC conference, having trained more than 300,000 developers worldwide. β€œDLI is designed for developers, data scientists and researchers, but anyone with programming skills can take the courses. All DLI workshops and courses offer hands-on practice with GPU-accelerated servers in the cloud. The courses use real-world examples and are developed and delivered by NVIDIA subject matter experts,” he explains.

This year at GTC, DLI is launching a new workshop, Scaling CUDA C++ Applications to Multiple Nodes.

the courses available this year also includes Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++; Fundamentals of deep learning; Fundamentals of Accelerated Data Science; Building Transformer-Based NLP Applications; AI applications for predictive maintenance; and accelerating data engineering pipelines.

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