Coleman suggests a new bonus structure for aerial talent and programmers. | Story


Coleman Insights provides food for thought on how to create a better bonus structure for on-air personalities and programmers. Instead of relying on Nielsen ratings, which most bonus structures are based on, the research firm suggests creating a rewards program “focused on a show’s behaviors, not ratings.” writes founder Jon Coleman in a blog post. “To achieve ratings goals, a show needs to have a well-thought-out process and practice behaviors that are proven to get a better show, and then better ratings will follow. Management should consider rewarding these processes and behaviors. »

Coleman compares this process to that used by the San Francisco Giants, where players were trained to be more selective at home plate and focus on the specific angle of the ball launch instead of just swinging for the fences.

“In other words, because hitters learned to more carefully select which pitches to swing on, they hit less and walked more,” Coleman explained. “It resulted in more runs being scored because there were more players on base.”

Using this tactic for radio, Coleman suggests several behaviors that morning shows could be rewarded or rewarded for.

Instead of focusing on achieving certain rating levels, reward talent for planning and generating show content. Another suggestion – reward the salon for the number of meetings held in a week, “with the belief that more meetings mean more and better communication”.

He also suggests letting the show set their own level of show expectations so they can be rewarded on the “subjective quality of the show as assessed by the team themselves”.

Other things to consider are their willingness and expression to build the station’s brand rather than just focusing on their own show and the program’s ability and discipline to follow a strategic plan.

“Great shows wouldn’t be demoralized when a book of bad ratings came in because they would know they were doing the job that was expected of them,” Coleman concludes. “Management would support them, rather than just focusing on grades. If building the station’s and show’s brand and ratings is really a long-term game, support the morning show and keep them focused for the longer term.


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