Cognizant Softvision unveils lineup for 8th Annual Programmers Week


Programmers’ Week will feature a special “Frontrunner” virtual conference on 9/21, as well as more than 50 future-facing technology talks throughout September.

Guest speakers include iconic Aston Martin Formula 1 driver Cognizant Sebastian Vettelfounding father of virtual reality Jaron Lanierfounder of Techonomy David Kirkpatrick and much more.

Cognizant Softvision, the integrated digital engineering arm of Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH), one of the world’s leading professional services companies, today unveiled its roster of speakers, panelists and presenters for its eighth event. annual Global Programmers’ Week.

In addition to over 50 informative tech talks taking place throughout September, this year’s Programmer’s Week also includes “Frontrunner”, a dedicated virtual talk taking place on September 21.e. Key Frontrunner speakers include VR pioneer Jaron Lanier, Techonomy founder David Kirkpatrick, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel, Tech 2025 founder Charlie Oliver, Cognizant Softvision CEO Andres Angelani and many others.

This year’s Programmers Week is designed to provide real insights, information and lessons on what it takes to lead in technology, in business and in your career,said Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant Softvision. “Our Frontrunner conference is designed by technologists for technologists. Participants can expect to build connections, cultivate community, and learn how to overcome obstacles to become a leader in their respective careers and lives.

“Programmers’ Week started eight years ago in Romania as an internal event, thanks to the initiative of a few colleagues who were passionate about sharing their experience. We are delighted to have grown each year and to have taken this spirit of initiative to the next level. It is an important part of our culture, expressing how we connect, interact and learn together, both in our technical and external communities. Programmers Week was created to inspire all technology enthusiasts, globally, to constantly learn, to be bold and creative in their thinking, to generate solutions using the vast possibilities of technology,” said said Mihai Constandis, Country Manager Romania, Community Head GGM (Global Growth Markets).

Programmers Day, the 256th day of the year

Programmers week is the largest event organized by a Romanian company entirely dedicated to the technology industry.

International Programmers Day takes place on the 256th day of the year. The number 256 was chosen because it is the number of distinct values ​​that can be represented by one byte, a value well known to programmers. Cognizant Softvision began celebrating Programmers Day about eight years ago. What started as a one-day in-person event in Romania has now blossomed into nearly a full month of September activities, with both training and development events for our most of 30,000 engineers, designers and developers, as well as external initiatives. who help share our vision and thought leadership for the future of engineering, technology and digital business.

Sign up for in-person Tech Talks (in Cluj, Bucharest, Galati)

Programmer Week 2022 will also include a series of Tech Talks, both virtual, as well as several Tech Talks that will take place at Cognizant Softvision’s offices (known as studios) in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, as well as in Galati.

Programmer’s Week 2022 will also feature a series of technical talks, both virtual and in select global in-person markets, on platforms and technologies such as cloud, automation (QE, QA, DevOps), l product engineering (.NET, JAVA, Web and mobile), and Data/Analytics/AI and ML.

For more information on Programmer’s Week and to register for the September 21 Frontrunner Conference, visit


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