C++20 for Programmers 3rd Ed (Pearson)


Subtitled “An Objects-Natural Approach”, this book was written for programmers with a background in another high-level language. Paul and Harvey Deitel look at modern C++ development using C++20 and its “Big Four” features – Ranges, Concepts, Modules and Coroutines.

The book contains over 200 practical, real-world code examples designed to demonstrate modern C++ coding idioms using popular compilers – Visual C++, GNU g++, Apple Xcode, and LLVM/Clang.

Author: Paul and Harvey Deitel
Publisher: Person
Date: April 2022
Pages: 960
ISBN: 978-0136905691
Printing: 0136905692
Kindle: ‎B08F9G5LVX
Audience: Developers wishing to learn C++
Intermediate level
Category: C/C++

Topics Covered:

  • Coverage of the “Big Four” of C++20: ranges, concepts, modules and coroutines
  • Objects-Natural approach: Use standard libraries and open source libraries to build large applications with minimal code
  • Hundreds of real-world live code examples
  • Modern C++: C++20, 17, 14, 11 and a look at C++23
  • Compilers: Visual C++, GNU g++, Apple Xcode Clang, LLVM/Clang
  • Docker: GNU GCC, LLVM/Clang
  • Fundamentals: control statements, functions, strings, references, pointers, files, exceptions
  • Object-oriented programming: Classes, objects, inheritance, runtime and static polymorphism, operator overloading, copy/move semantics, RAII, smart pointers
  • Functional style programming: C++20 ranges and views, lambda expressions
  • Generic Programming: Templates, C++20 Concepts and Metaprogramming
  • C++20 modules: large-scale development
  • Concurrent programming: concurrency, multithreading, parallel algorithms, C++20 coroutines, coroutine support libraries, C++23 executors
  • Future: A Look at Contracts, Range-Based Parallel Algorithms, Standard Library Coroutine Support, and More

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