BitFlow Frame Grabber SDK is now available to Python programmers


BitFlowa world leader in frame grabbers for machine vision, life sciences and industrial imaging, launched BFPython, an application programming interface that allows engineers with Python expertise to acquire images from BitFlow’s wide range of frame grabbers. Available immediately for download from BitFlow’s website, these Python bindings wrap the BitFlow SDK’s configuration, acquisition, buffer management, and camera control APIs. The download also includes several Python examples that demonstrate how bindings can be used.

A free and open-source programming language, Python is simple to learn and use, making it one of the most popular languages ​​for developing imaging applications, whether on Linux, Windows, or other platforms. embarked. In computer vision, where prototyping is key to understanding how a proposed imaging solution is progressing, BitFlow BFPython speeds up the build process and lowers final development costs for those familiar with Python code. To further facilitate development, BFPython includes several sub-modules that provide convenient interfaces to access features such as CoaXPress camera control (via GenICam), Camera Link camera control (via CL Series API) , among others.

Supporting the full line of BitFlow frame grabbers, the BitFlow SDK enables developers to integrate high-speed frame grabbing into machine vision applications, from simple and cost-effective inspection to systems ultra high speed and high resolution. The SDK includes a large number of sample applications with complete source code to help understand the functions available, as well as a number of utilities for development and debugging. The free version of the SDK is intended for use with third-party applications such as LabVIEW, VisionPro, and HALCON. The paid version is required for users developing their own applications and offers high-level benefits such as complete header files, libraries and example programs with detailed source code.


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