Best Gifts for Programmers: TOP 10 Ideas for Coders


The holiday season is already upon us, and so is the shopping frenzy. Hardly any of us will fail to prepare the presents – and we’re sure a lot of people are wondering what gifts to choose for our dear programmers. Having trouble choosing what to buy? Use our TOP 10 list gifts for coders to find the perfect gift!

Useful gifts and gifts for programmers and coders: list of ideas

Online Courses: Educational Gifts for Programmers

According to many statistics, the majority of programmers aim to develop their skills and expand their professional knowledge. Therefore, any help in achieving their goals will be greatly appreciated, especially when it’s under the Christmas tree. During the purchase gifts for coders, you should consider introducing them to educational resources, such as online courses related to their area of ​​interest. Naturally, you should choose them based on your loved one’s specialty and experience – or simply purchase a voucher or gift card offered by many websites.

Do you lack energy? Give your favorite programmer a cup of coffee as a gift!

A programmer without his coffee is as tired as a worn shoe. To help him come to his senses, consider offering him a cup of coffee. This simple, but extremely useful gift for software developers can easily find its way both to the coder’s desk and to his heart. To add to that, it also offers a wide range of customization options; you can choose one of the ready-made templates or, if you have the right skills, design one yourself.

Computer Accessories: Perfect gift for any software engineer!

Have a little more money than you’re willing to spend on a gift for coders? Try browsing for the latest computer accessories that your friend or family member might find useful. A mouse, a mechanical membrane keyboard, or even a few gadgets for cable management will surely be greeted with enthusiasm when found under the Christmas tree. In other words, they are perfect gifts for programmers!

Enough coding? Choose electronic gadgets as a gift for your favorite programmer

Many programmers would agree with a statement that there is more to life than coding. For those who think so, electronic gadgets will be a perfect choice. When buying a gift for your coder, you can choose from sports bands with fitness trackers, watches, headphones and more – the options are almost limitless!

Give the coder a gift of experience!

Gifts for programmers do not have to be elements; sometimes it’s worth giving a coder a moment of their life away from their computer. By rummaging through thousands of gifts for software developers, don’t forget to take a closer look at tickets for amazing experiences your friend wouldn’t want to miss. These include:

  • Concerts and parties,

  • Football matches or tickets for other sports competitions

  • Webinars, workshops and other professional events.

  • Travel, cruises and airline tickets.

  • Admission tickets or vouchers for popular tourist destinations.

Funny gifts for software developers, coders and programmers

Small budget? Choose funny stickers as a gift for the programmer

A programmer and his PC or laptop are most of the time inseparable. Therefore, fun stickers are one of the most obvious gift ideas for programmers. They can be placed on both computers and other devices, effectively customizing the coder’s favorite machines. In addition, they offer a wide variety of options to choose from and in some cases they can also be equipped with custom elements. In addition, there are also really cheap – they are a gift for software engineers you can choose even when your budget is tight!

Fun mouse pad as the perfect gift for any coder and programmer

No code can be created without a constant click. However, the click can be much better when paired with a fun mouse pad, which is a perfect gift for any programmer. By purchasing them, you can choose from thousands of options, or even create your own – it all depends on your budget and creativity!

Have Even More Fun With Gaming Gifts For Software Developers

For many programmers, gaming is the very definition of fun. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many of our beloved coders would love to find gaming gadgets under the Christmas tree. Deciding on a dream gift for software developers, you can choose from products such as:

  • The latest games, both for PC and consoles

  • Collectible figures and gadgets from popular games

  • Skins, add-ons, and other in-game content that requires microtransactions

  • Vouchers and gift cards for online gaming platforms (e.g. Steam, Epic Games, Riot Games, Blizzard and others)

If you have more cash in your pocket, you can also take a closer look at computer parts and even entire devices themselves – we’re sure they’ll be fine gift for any programmer!

Select the funniest t-shirt as a gift for your favorite programmer

Being a programmer doesn’t stop when a computer is shut down. If you want your friend to show off his craft wherever he goes, you should gift him a T-shirt with a photo of your choice. It can be humorous, cartoonish or completely unique – the choice is yours.

Fun computer gadgets for any geek

Looking for a little more inspiration to gifts for programmers? There are plenty of other products you can buy to put a smile on your favorite IT guy’s face. If you want your gift to be a source of endless laughter, you should consider purchasing items such as:

  • USB-powered fans and vacuums perfect for dirty crumb-filled keyboards,

  • Giant and small rubber ducks, perfect companions for solving complicated coding problems,

  • Programmable Lego Sets,

  • Socks with computer-related motifs.


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