April Fool’s Copy-Paste Button For Lazy Programmers Is Now On Sale


Stack Overflow’s copy-and-paste keyboard, an April Fool’s prank that made fun of lazy programmers, is now on sale.

Stack overflow

You have to be careful not to be fooled by the April Fool’s Day fabrications of the tech world, but on Tuesday a prank product became real.

It’s been a joke in programming circles for years: instead of writing your code from scratch, just head to the Stack overflow forums and copy how another programmer has already solved your problem. The meme is so pervasive that Stack Overflow turned it into an April Fool’s Day prank this year, claiming it would limit free access to its site. unless people buy the keya device with buttons that only copy and paste.

Enough people said they would buy one that Stack Overflow, with the help of Cassidy Williams keyboard enthusiast and drop custom keyboard makerdesigned one for real and started sell it for $29. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the keyboard will go to Digital undivideda non-profit organization created to help Black and Latina women succeed as tech entrepreneurs.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal, but [the] the greatest artists copy then paste,” noted Ben Popperchief content officer of Stack Overflow, in a blog post.

Copying and pasting from Stack Overflow is actually a common practice, as the company showed during the April Fool’s Day event.

“One in four users who visit a Stack Overflow question copies something within five minutes of accessing the page. That’s 40,623,987 copies out of 7,305,042 posts and comments between March 26 and April 9,” Stack Overflow said in April. “Knowledge reuse isn’t a bad thing – it helps you learn, get code working faster, and reduces your frustration.”


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