5 Reasons Beginner Programmers Should Learn JavaScript


JavaScript is a programming language that makes websites interactive. While using HTML and CSS can help create a great website, JavaScript adds functionality, bringing it to life. It brings elements that users can interact with, including modal windows, contact forms, and drop-down menus. It also allows creating video players, interactive maps and animations.

Beginner programmers should consider learning JavaScript because of its popularity and because it can be used as a client-side and server-side language. This article outlines five reasons beginner programmers should learn JavaScript.

1. It’s suitable for beginners

Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript provides one of the most beginner-friendly entry points into the coding world. This is because it’s built on the browser, so you won’t have to set up a development environment and start coding right away. JavaScript has a simple syntax, a growing and vibrant community, and plenty of tools to help you learn. It also gives you instant feedback; your results are immediately visible, even with minimal code.

JavaScript supports imperative, object-oriented, and functional programming styles, skills that you can transfer to other languages ​​you might want to learn. It also introduces you to crucial practices and principles that stay with you. You can learn javascript online or join a physical learning institution.

2. It’s a general-purpose programming language

JavaScript is a versatile programming language. This means that it runs on the entire software stack. While initially applied on the client or frontend side, the entry of Node.js meant that JavaScript could also be used on the server side, commonly referred to as the backend. It can also create browser-based mobile games and applications for various operating systems.

3. JavaScript developers are always in demand

Considering that JavaScript is a popular programming language around the world, it is one of the most sought-after skills in the industry, with 70% of companies looking to hire a JavaScript developer. Like searching JavaScript on job boards and LinkedIn can give you an idea of ​​how many jobs require JavaScript skills. It may seem that the demand for these skills exceeds the expertise available. From 2018, 48% of employers said they needed JavaScript skills, and only 42% of students globally said they understood the language. This makes it an excellent language for beginner programmers.

4. It is versatile

JavaScript is a versatile language that offers endless possibilities if you master it. You can use Angular to code frontend side or client side and use Node.js on backend side or server side. Using React Native, Electron, and React.js, you can also develop desktop, mobile, and web apps or even try machine learning. For front end developers, JavaScript is a prerequisite. You can also venture into full-stack development, machine learning, information security software engineering, game development, artificial intelligence, and other JavaScript skills.

5. He has great community support

JavaScript is a popular programming language with a strong community support of experts of all levels of knowledge, experience, and skill. This community can help you when you start learning because you can find like-minded people to support you along your journey. You can keep up to date with industry trends, news, and updates through the community. You can also get help understanding particular concepts or solving any problems you may encounter.


JavaScript is a great language that every new programmer can benefit from. Consider the above reasons for learning JavaScript as a beginner programmer.


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