12 cool things programmers should own | by Brunette Girl | November 2022


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These are things I thought about while doing programming. Although I highly doubt it could speed up my problem-solving speed, I think they might help me if I put all of this together.

Obviously, when coding, I only have an IDE, a web browser, an email client and a terminal in fullscreen mode, and an IRC chat covering about 40% of the screen. Most likely, I also have a graphics program, a password manager, a music player, and an auxiliary editor open. I don’t need anything else.

But these things could boost our energy.

I think a mechanical keyboard is very important not only for typing but also for showing off to the people around us. Because if people within 100 meters can’t hear you typing, are you even coding?
So grab this stuff now.

I would never be able to complete a project without my rubber ducky sitting on my desk cheering me on. There is a method when programming called the “rubber duck method”.

Essentially, the program makes more sense when you explain it sometimes, but a rubber duck has nothing else to do, so you explain it to the duck and maybe realize what you’re doing wrong. If you get this, it might be a joke at first, but it could very legitimately help you.

I mean come on! For real. Programming is an equipment sport. You wouldn’t play football without pads; why would you program without programmer socks?

To be honest, that’s pretty much a prerequisite, but it’s a valuable one to have. Once you know how to code in C, you can apply programming socks help to other languages, like Python, JS, C#, etc.

Programming socks are an invaluable tool for any serious coder. If you don’t know what a programmer sock is, now is the time to find out.

you can have your code editor open on one screen and 69 chrome tabs open on the other.

And it would obviously help to have another monitor just for StackOverflow’s sake.

we keep lines under 80-100 characters, and you can see the entire file without having to scroll as much. The more code on the screen, the better.

You don’t have a vertical monitor!! Are you even a real programmer?

So you don’t feel guilty for sitting on your butt all day? Here is our unique standing desk idea at your fingertips. Sitting while the desk is in the “standing” position is another fun way to work.

By this you have to sit up straight which is also great for your bad spine. You are about to get sick a few years after being a programmer because you sit all day and all night without taking a 5 minute break every 1 hour. Back pain says hello to you. If you can afford it, buy it.

Because what else are you going to do while you put off that pull request you’ve been putting off for five days.

We can sit on a rock-hard chair in restaurants; it does not matter. But when it comes to spending hours and hours coding, a very comfortable ergonomic chair is essential.

Get an ergonomic assessment if you can. You will be given a list of adjustments a chair should have to put your body in a proper position. Any chair that has these adjustments should be fine.

It doesn’t matter what you use for it. Just get something that will be located too close to your programming room with an unlimited supply.

You can have a mug written “Programming is awesome” or a few lines of code in it. 😆

This thing is very, very important for a programmer. So people won’t bother you while you’re coding or secretly watching the game. You can also use AirPods, though not as effective, but you can still pretend you’re on a call.

Working irregular hours or spending long periods in the office or bedroom are common occurrences for programmers. But the resulting lack of exposure to natural outdoor light can affect your circadian rhythm and leave you feeling tired, sad and exhausted.

Light therapy lamps are one way to combat this problem. You can try one.

When I stare at my computer for a long time, my eyes really hurt. The blue light emitted by modern screens can cause all sorts of problems, such as headaches and eye strain, if you’re exposed for long periods of time.

Since programming work is only done on computers, get computer glasses.


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